Happy April Fool's Day (don't take any wooden gold pieces!) and Blessed Bristlebane Day! Today the Trickster in everyone gets to come out for a little fun, and the dev's have gotten in on the act. The following banner marks those quests and NPCs related to Bristlebane Day:


The Grand Prankster.jpg

The Grand Prankster


The following quests are available for the Bristlebane celebrations this year:


The Gigglegibber Scavenger Hunt was available from the Hunt Master this year as well as a new quest starting on The Enchanted Lands docks. All you had to do was kill ten rats.

Tin Metal ProtectionBearbeiten

Players were asked to seek out Blat Berisen, camped outside of South Qeynos in Antonica, on the Green Knoll outside Kelethin, just outside West Freeport in Commonlands, and north of the Gorowyn Beach Outpost in Timorous Deep to start this year's Bristlebane quest line (there may be other places for other cities). The following quests were available, all of which scaled to the player's level and give AA:

  1. Tin Metal Protection
  2. Card Deals
  3. Ogled Goggles
  4. Wine for the Lady
  5. Fribles's Fate

Players started the first quest and then started each of the others in order. Once they received the final quest, the remaining quests were completed in reverse order (they were short delivery quests and took little time).


  • Cute Mode -- When you log in anytime on April 1, you will be in Cute Mode (All humanoid players and monsters will have ballooned heads) but despair not! If you just cannot stand it, use /cutemode to turn it off!
  • The Herald of Bristlebane -- If you die today, don't be so quick with that Revive button! Gerald Gigglegibber, the Herald of Bristlebane, just might be able to help with your little problem... or not. Let's all hope that "Bristly Bane" loves us!
  • The Archaeologist -- eq2players has announced that LU34 will include a new character class that starts in Haven, the Archaeologist.
Gneedeep in cutemode.jpg Mender in cutemode.jpg Geraldgigglegibber.jpg
Froglok in /cutemode Mender in /cutemode Gerald Gigglegibber

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