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Starting the Quest Bearbeiten

[Schwierigkeit: Solo]

The epic weapon quest starts in Jarsath-Einöden. Head to the Temple of the White Lady, in the Skyfire Moutains. There are a number of mobs here that see invis, so either plan to move carefully between them or to kill them on your way in. Somewhere inside the temple, usually amidst mobs, you will find a small ice dervish called Psychomalleable Ice. Right click on this to gain 2 new abilities -- Query Element and Dominate Element.

Use Query Element on the Psychomalleable Ice and then cast Dominate Element. The Psychomalleable Ice will become your pet. Head back to Teren's Grasp in Kylong-Ebenen and find a gnome named Vence Laden (called an apprentice, but will introduce himself as Vence Laden in conversation) (1833, 483, -808). He will have another ice dervish on the table next to him. By speaking to him you find out that the Psychomalleable Ice was a test to find a worthy conjuror.

Note: Once you find the Psychomalleable Ice you will need to get close to it in order for it to be enabled for right-clicking.

Note: If you die, you lose the ice pet and will need to get a new one to proceed with the quest.

Fabled (Heroic) VersionBearbeiten

Note: These quests are done together. Can be soloed better if you have a friend to help you. Do not have to be done in order.

  1. An Airy Heart
  2. An Earthy Heart
  3. A Watery Heart
  4. A Fiery Heart

Note: These quests are done together. Need a group. Do not have to be in order.

  1. Chel'dok's Fiery Cinch
  2. Moonglow
  3. The Sphere of Containment

Note: These quests are done together. Easily soloed. Do not have to be done in order.

  1. A Flow of Pure Water
  2. A Lick of Pure Fire
  3. A Wisp of Pure Air

Note: Easily soloed

  1. Into the Chamber of Phrotis

Note: Will need a group

  1. Reclaiming the Crystal Foci

Pure Elements Bearbeiten

[Schwierigkeit: Solo]

A Flow of Pure Water

Use your abilities to query and dominate a docile water elemental in Fens of Nathsar at the same location you previously did (442, -125, 500). A level 80^ water elemental will spawn in its place and attack you. You are looking for a semi-rare body drop called Lesser Element: Water. You need to collect 10 of these. When you have all 10, right-click on the stack in your inventory and select 'use'. This will give you the update.

A Lick of Pure Fire

Use your abilities to query and dominate a docile fire elemental at Skyfire in Jarsath Wastes at the same location you previously did. A level 80^ fire elemental will spawn in its place and attack you. You are looking for a semi-rare body drop called 'Lesser Element: Fire'. You need to collect 10 of these. When you have all 10, right-click on the stack in your inventory and select 'use'. This will give you the update. (A good place to kill these is at -1317, 210, 300 )

A Wisp of Pure Air

Use your abilities to query and dominate 'docile air elemental' in Kylong Plains, near Teren's Grasp, at the same location you previously did. A level 80^ 'air elemental' will spawn in its place and attack you. You are looking for a semi-rare body drop called 'Lesser Element: Air'. You need to collect 10 of these. When you have all 10, right-click on the stack in your inventory and select 'use'. This will give you the update.

Eleventeen reported that it took him about 30-40 of each elemental before receiving all 10 pieces.

Into the Chamber of Phrotis

The three seperate quests can be turned in at any time upon completion to Vence Laden in Teren's Grasp. When the third one is entered, Vence Laden will give you the quest Into the Chamber of Phrotis. Vence Laden tells you that you can enter the chamber by clicking on the table. If you put your mouse over the table, you can click to enter the 'Elemental Chamber'. Entering the zone will give you an update to the quest, and then you must inspect the giant ice brazier behind the Will of Phrotis. No crystals are found, so return to Vence Laden by clicking on the platform in front of Will of Phrotis. Speak to Vence Laden to start the next quest, Reclaiming the Crystal Foci.


[Schwierigkeit: Gruppe]

You must now collect Green, Blue, and Red foci. Vence Laden mentions that he knows little of these, but that a dwarf in Teren's Grasp may know more. He is referring to Gurdo Stonefist. You can purchase the red crystal focus from Gurdo Stonefist at location 2086, 520, -960 if you have 40k faction with Teren's Grasp.

For the remainder of the foci, you'll want an entire group.

The green crystal focus can be retrieved in Sebilis in either the Laboratory and Studies room or from the Blacksmith room. It is dropped from sathirian researchers (the lab) or sathirian dreadmages (in the blacksmith room).

The blue crystal focus is in Chardok Secret Library second room (Palace). You will need a very well equipped group for this one. When you enter the Chardok Palace there are steps that go up and down (loc 854, -30, 204). You need to go upstairs first to harvest 3 books (Volumes 1-3 of the Encyclopedia of Mutagenica, all group members can harvest a copy) from the two rooms up there, in order to enter the room with the update. . In the south room, Encyclopedia of Mutagenica Vol I can be found at 857, -21, 134 and Encyclopedia of Mutagenica Vol IIat 868, -21, 135. In the north room, you can find Encyclopedia of Mutagenica Vol III at location 890, -21, 275 (as well as another copy of Encyclopedia of Mutagenica Vol II at 890, -21, 274). You will give the books to a golem named Re'Adon at location 990, -44, 341, who will unlock the secret passages. Follow him through three walls, but try to keep up while killing the mobs that aggro along the way. He will stop in the central room. You will need to kill the mob here, which seems to aggro all three non-aggro books as well, so be careful (can pull books one at a time without pulling the hierophant). At the end of the hall you can click on a blue crystal on the shelf at location 908,-67,557 to receive blue crystal focus.

When this is complete, return the foci to Vence Laden to move on to the next step.

Phrotis Bearbeiten


Next Step is to Dominate Phrotis. This is a solo instance (Elemental Chamber).

He is surrounded by 4 Elementals which are initially untargetable. FIRE / EARTH / WATER / AIR

Click on the brazier behind him to start the fight. After he is engaged, he will emote every 20 seconds that he is drawing energy from the elementals and looks towards one of them which becomes now targetable. You will be able to see which one is targetable because it's name will be displayed about it.

Now you need to react quickly and target it, QUERY it and DOMINATE it. YOU ONLY NEED TO QUERY EACH ELEMENTAL ONCE !!! afterwards it is enough to DOMINATE !

If you fail to do so, different things will happen: FIRE = damage to you, around 1k AIR = LONG STIFLE!!! DO NOT FAIL THIS! Or you will probably be starting over (The stifle last long enough to ensure that you will miss at least 1 and depending on how far into the fight you are potentially 2-3 emotes of the elementals by Phrotis. If you miss an air emote, run to the zone out and do over) WATER = 50 % HEAL !! Not so bad, but still consumes time EARTH = ADD that hits like a truck but has very few hps

Conversely, if you manage to re-align them through dominate you will gain benefits. FIRE = HUGE damage to him, you will use this as your main source of damage to him AIR = Stifle so he can not use his stun/teleport thing against you WATER = Heals you! Probably around 50% EARTH = His add becomes a swarm pet for you.

Note that you don't actually have to do any personal damage to him, as FIRE and EARTH do sufficient damage to him, without taxing your mana. You can completely dedicate your manapool to other things.

Personally, I open up with tank pet, in defensive stance. Let him establish aggro so you can pretty much control him the entire time. Heal him occasionally. If he gets really low you can back him off and he will gain the benefit of out of combat regen, while you kite the mob around. Again, you really don't have to do any damage outside of FIRE and EARTH so if you play it safe, it should be easy.

At 1% he stops taking damage just QUERY / DOMINATE him for your epic !! This must be done fast, as he starts spamming the elements. Just hope he doesn't air the crap out of you at the end.

you can Query / Dominate him when he is under 10% you can query him any time during the fight and just dominate at the end


Rewards Bearbeiten

Elementar-Dominanz (Sagenumwoben)

Game Link: \aITEM 311599239 723977191:Elemental Dominance\/a

Phrotis' Exertion (Raid quests) Bearbeiten

Go back to Vance Laden to start the Mythical Path to your epic. Begins with the quest Phrotis' Exertion: Reckless Strength. Warning: Be sure to have the Focus Item: Strength (looks like a neck item) active, for the matching quest, before killing any of the targets. You will not get an update otherwise. The charm stays active for 30 minutes once used, but make certain it is up when the kills occur or you will not get credit.

Can be cast during combat & it stays up even if you die.

Note: You must do these in this order.

Reckless Strength Kill Klauenknacker.

Senile Cunning Kill Venril Sathir.

Arrogant Wisdom Kill Hoshkar

Turn it all in at the gnome! But you're not done yet....

The Final Domination of Phrotis Bearbeiten

For this step you will go back into the same instance with Phortis as before. Only he is dead, lying on the floor. Click on him, and hit Dominate. You will get your mythical upon doing this.

Elementar-Dominanz (Mythisch)

Game Link: \aITEM -858570028 723977191:Elemental Dominance\/a

Diese Questreihen beschreiben die Quests für die sagenumwobene und mythische Version der Epischen Waffe einer Klasse.

Ihr müsst mindestens Level 80 sein, um diese Questreihe anzufangen bzw. zu beenden. Die sagenumwobene Version einer epischen Waffe erfordert nur das Abschließen von maximal heroischen Inhalt, die mythische Version dagegen beinhaltet einige epische Begegnungen sowie den Besuch von Veeshans Gipfel.

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