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This timeline covers the Fallen Dynasty adventure pack in detail.

Target audience: Fallen Dynasty is aimed at players of levels 55-70, although some of its content is usable at level 50. Players who own Fallen Dynasty can level up to 55 regardless of whether they own any other expansion. Tradeskill quests are also available (you must raise a harvesting skill to 240 for some of the quests).

Layout: Fallen Dynasty contains two outdoor zones, a shared dungeon, and several instances. The first zone is a safe town in which quests can be obtained. Approximately 4 raids are included in the expansion.

Getting There Bearbeiten

Travel to the Island of Mara by clicking on a bell in Nektulos Forest or The Thundering Steppes. The bell in TS is behind the hut on the upper walkway. Upon arriving at Mara you can start quests, or dive straight into the hunting areas.

An optional introductory quest starts in Thundering Steppes on the dock: The Far, Far Away Far Pelican.

Areas Bearbeiten

  • Village of Shin: This is the starting zone. It contains a Far Seas Trading Company outpost with basic city services, and the Village of Shin itself which has many quests and factions to be earned. The only hunting area is a small island with crabs of levels 51-53.
  • Mystic Lake: An outdoor hunting ground with Gunthak pirates, forest creatures, temples, and a lake district. Many hunting opportunities for soloers and groups of levels 54-68.
  • Nizara, City of the Nayad: A single group instance found below the Forsaken City. It is very challenging for people at level 70, but contains loot on par with most raids. There is an 18 hour lockout after killing any named mob.
  • Trial Instances: These instances scale to your level and most have solo and heroic versions. They are used for the monk trials in the Tower of the Four Winds. Each trial has a 3-day success lockout, but there are several trials that you can perform.
  • Antechamber of Fate: Epic X4 instance, earned by completing the quest The Rift. The quest reward gives you the ability to teleport into this raid instance.

Fallen Dynasty TitlesBearbeiten

There are several titles that can be obtained from the Tower of the Four Winds. First, you must obtain access to the tower. Then you can begin collecting monk pebbles (No-Trade) which can be used to purchase the titles. The pebbles can be obtained through the different trials available in the tower, which come in a Solo or a Heroic variety (the Heroic versions grant more pebbles). Monk Pebbles can also be dropped by mobs inside the trials, although this is rare. The trials each have their own 3-day success lockout timer.

Once you have enough pebbles to purchase a title, visit Brother Huang Mantian in the first floor of the tower.

  • Suffix Titles
    • the Persistent (100 Pebbles)
    • the Fragrant (150 Pebbles)
    • the Vigilant (200 Pebbles)
    • the Fox (250 Pebbles)
    • the Decimator (300 Pebbles)
  • Prefix Titles
    • Golden Sun (500 Pebbles)
    • Sagacious (500 Pebbles)

Ring of the Four Winds Bearbeiten

The Ring of the Four Winds is an item that can be obtained after receiving access to the fourth floor and completing the final quest. It grants +15 to each stat, and a 5% reduction in reuse speed for all spells and combat arts.

To get the Ring of the Four Winds you need to talk to Dhae Lao, the Relic Keeper on the first floor of the tower. Hail him each time that you receive access to a new floor of the tower. He will grant the Ring of the North Wind, the Ring of the South Wind, the Ring of the West Wind, and the Ring of the East Wind in that order. Finally, you can receive the Ring of the Four Winds once you have completed the final quest A Vision of the Future. You can also wait until after you have completed all of the quests and then hail him repeatedly to receive the rings.

Quests Bearbeiten

While some of the quests may be labeled as Heroic, many of the early quests can be easily soloed.

Introductory Quest

Far Seas Outpost

  1. Information on the Village
  2. Living Geomancy
  3. The Heart of a Gnome

Village of Shin

  1. Improving Relations with the Locals
  2. The Stolen Tome
  3. The Pirate's Bride (side quest)

Tower of the Four Winds:

  1. Access
  2. First Floor
  3. Second Floor
  4. Third Floor
  5. Fourth Floor

Tradeskill Quests

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