Feerrott Questreihe
Empfohlener Levelbereich von 35 bis 42
Eingeführt mit Zerschmetterte Lande
Schwierigkeit Solo
Startzone Feerrott
Vorhergehend: Zek, die orkischen Öden Questreihe
Nachfolgend: Ghassan, der Händler Questreihe

Upon passing through the beach tunnel for the first time you will be offered the quest Eine Vision der Furcht. This is an introductory quest for the zone and will guide you to many of the major landmarks in the western half of Feerrott.

Feerrott Quest line Information

There are separate versions of each quest in this timeline for good and evil people, but they are equivalent - good and evil people can work together on them. Regardless of your alignment, there are four solo quest lines for you.

  • One of the quest lines gives permanent access to the solo instance Cleansing of the Cove (Zone) when completed. This is a great solo/duo instance for levels 35-40.
  • For all quests in this zone, check out the Feerrott Quests page.

For Qeynos and Kelethin citizens

Camp is to the right when leaving beach tunnel.

Cleansing of the Cove
Tarin Varinblade

  1. Local Neighbors (38)
  2. Cartography Fun (38)
  3. Fauna des Tiefen Dschungels (38)
  4. Feerrott Who's Who (38)
  5. Cleansing of the Cove (38)

Thulian quest line
Grimble Blumble

  1. Blumble Family Tradition (38)
  2. Snakes, He Hates Snakes (38)
  3. A Touch of Evol (39)
  4. The Bone Collector (40)
  5. Thulian Thieves (40)

Research quest line
Vashazdar Manoisti - Harvesting skills of 190+ required

  1. Pick and Choose (38)
  2. Fern Memories (38)
  3. Sense of Style (40)
  4. Feeling of the Fauna (40)

Diplomacy quest line
Gretchen Spiritstorm

  1. Taste of Thule (36)
  2. Beasts of War (38)
  3. War of Fear (40)
  4. Path of War (42)
  5. Eye of Fear (44)
  6. Broken Fist of War (44)

For Freeport and Neriak citizens

Camp is to the left when leaving beach tunnel.

Cleansing of the Cove
Mashara Tiogran

  1. Ingredients List (38)
  2. Strategic Point (38)
  3. Ingredients List Two (38)
  4. Test Subjects (38)
  5. Cleansing of the Cove (38)

Thulian quest line
Krozk Bonebraka

  1. Feed Me (38)
  2. Snakes, She Loves Snakes (38)
  3. Lizard Food (39)
  4. Present for the Wife (40)
  5. They Stole My Food (40)

Research quest line
Cvaka Zichovani - Harvesting skills of 190+ required

  1. Research Items (38)
  2. Ouch Ferns (38)
  3. Flower Picking (40)
  4. The Plague (40)

Diplomacy quest line
Malkin X'Daval

  1. Heart Experimentation (36)
  2. The Test (38)
  3. Raise the Stakes (40)
  4. Allies (42)
  5. Hand of War (44)
  6. Shattered Hand (44)

The Hidden CampBearbeiten


Botschafter Zozor

Food for ThoughtBearbeiten

While you are out here, it's not a bad idea to pick up a snack! Talk to Reza, on the wall southwest of the good camp. His first 2 quests each reward level 50 Superior food.

General FandrakBearbeiten

General Fandrak is an orc who can be found inside of Explorer's Haven

Japhet L'ZonBearbeiten

Japhet L'Zon can be found at the Pyramid of Fear

Item TriggeredBearbeiten

See AlsoBearbeiten

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