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This is the set of quests that enables the froglok race for use by your EQ2 account. Even if the froglok race is already available to you (due to the efforts of a guild on your server), this is still an interesting quest series to complete. These are all solo quests. To complete the quests in this timeline, you must start either the Freeport or Qeynos quests (depending on your home city) to find the village of Kugup. Proceed with the eight quests in the village to raise your faction high enough to speak with the village chieftan and complete the timeline.

Finding the Village Series Bearbeiten

For Citizens of Freeport and Neriak:

  1. Search for the Missing (25)
  2. A Festering Problem (30)
  3. Quelling the Rebellion (25)
  4. Eliminate Geraufl (29)

For Citizens of Qeynos and Kelethin:

  1. The Missing (25)
  2. Avenging Spirit (26)
  3. When the Darkness Comes (30)

Lost Village of Kugup Series Bearbeiten

  1. The Puzzled Tactician
  2. Locate the Misfit Toy
  3. Staffing Up
  4. Taking Out the Trash
  5. Fixing a Wand
  6. A History Lesson
  7. The Secret Ingredient
  8. Cold-blooded Relations...

Congratulations! You can now create a Froschlok character!

Chief KaorfBearbeiten

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Solo Questreihe

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