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Gemeindelande Questreihe
Empfohlener Levelbereich von 10 bis 19
Eingeführt mit Zerschmetterte Lande
Schwierigkeit Solo
Startzone Gemeinlande
Vorhergehend: Freihafen Questreihe

Dunkellichtwald Questreihe

Nachfolgend: Wald von Nektulos Questreihe

This timeline is a list of interesting quests that take place in Gemeinlanden. They are designed to be soloed by characters of levels 10-20. The lowest-level quests begin at the West Freeport gates. The Bloodskull Orc quest series will guide you through the zone in a logical fashion.

At the West Freeport GatesBearbeiten

Bloodskull Orc SeriesBearbeiten

This is the lowest level series in the Commonlands, and is a good starting point for Freeport and Neriak characters at level 10. It will take you to all of the quest hubs around the zone, letting you pick up the rest of the quest series in a suitable order.

Starts with Gerun Pontian - for Evil-aligned characters only

Optional, from dropped item:

Mooshga SeriesBearbeiten

Be sure to pick up Mooshga's series when you're starting Gerun's series. Mooshga is tucked away around a corner, and easy to miss. Her quests can be done in parallel with the other quest series around the zone.

Mooshga - moved to the West Freeport gate

  1. Hyena Jerky (11) - also get Abandoned Boat quest at this time
  2. Seafood Surprise (14)
  3. Crack Pot (14)
  4. Wisp-er Sweet Nothings (14)
  5. Rhino-rific (16)
  6. O' Mugwump Where Art Thou (16)
  7. Overlord's Omelet (15)
  8. Pachyderm Punch (16)
  9. Mushroom Madness (20) - leads the player to the Nektulos Forest Timeline

At Dog PondBearbeiten

At the CrossroadsBearbeiten

Each of the Crossroads quest series is independent of each other. It is recommended that you work on all of them simultaneously, as many of the activities overlap.

Madam Vi

  1. Quenching Their Thirst (12)
  2. Far From Home (16)
  3. No Risk, No Reward (16)
  4. Seer Stone (19)

J.P. Feterman - shares many objectives in common with Mooshga's series - recommend you work on them together

  1. Proof is in the Pudding (15)
  2. A Hunter's Tool (17)
  3. Big Game Hunting (17)
  4. Grizzlefang's Mane (20)

Captain Vertas - shares many objectives in common with Brandus Levine's series - recommend you work on them together

  1. Trouble About (15)
  2. More Than Meets The Eye (16)
  3. Proving Your Worth (17)
  4. Confusion is the Key (18)
  5. One Final Task (18)

Guard N'Garen

Impelia Abettus

Item Inspection

At the DocksBearbeiten

Brandus Levine - most of his quests are for Freeport citizens only

  1. The Mysterious Missing Shipment (12)
  2. A Friend In Need (12)
  3. Collecting On What Is Earned (14)
  4. Starting The Negotiations (17)
  5. Finishing The Negotiations (15)
  6. A Meeting Interrupted (16)

Heron Cogcarrier

  1. The 999 Year Old Port (20)
  2. Getting the Smarmy Sprocket Underway (25)
  3. Save the Pirates (30)

Item Inspection

Near Dreg VillageBearbeiten


  1. A Rat Divided (15)
  2. Can't We All Just Get Along? (16)
  3. Love Will Find the Byway (17)
  4. A Hard Man to Please (18)

ZaZa Lenska

  1. ZaZa's Little Problem (22)

A fallen blackguard - near wasp mound

  1. An Eroded Key (15) - gives access to solo instance Vorlage:Instance
  2. Terithal's Revenge (18) - inside instance

Wounded Scout - near Ruins of Val'Marr

Orc Lumberjack area

Near Darklight WoodBearbeiten

Ronam Olansk - east nomad camp

  1. Quell the Undead (13)

Tiff Squeelunkle - near Wailing Caves

  1. Smugglers' Secrets (13)
  2. Crates on the Nerves (15)

Hanif - west nomad camp

Orwen Neovra - west nomad camp

Surveyor Menak - on the hill above Darklight Wood tunnel

At Fallen GateBearbeiten

This was originally the access quest for Fallen Gate, but is now just a lore series.
Tundis N'oxyle

  1. Key to Fallen Gate (18)
  2. Delving into Fallen Gate (23)
  3. Journal Translation For Tundis (19)

Item Drop From Various Commonlands CreaturesBearbeiten

Where to go from hereBearbeiten

The Mooshga quest series directs you to the Nektulos Forest Timeline, and this is good advice to follow. The quests found just inside Nektulos Forest are well suited to characters who have finished the Commonlands Timeline and are roughly level 20.

If you're not level 20 yet, you can find many more quests nearby in the Darklight Wood Timeline. Darklight Wood is next door to the Commonlands, and is very well suited to be explored in parallel. Darklight Wood is just a short distance northwest from the Crossroads. You will also find the friendly city of Neriak in that zone.

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