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Levels 10-20
City of Freeport from the Commonlands
Eingeführt mit Zerschmetterte Lande
Zonenart Offen
Angrenzend an
Questreihen Gemeinlande Questreihe
Sammeln Tier 2
Quests NPCs Monster Named
Gegenstände Instanzen POIs Discos

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This is a battle-scarred subtropical savanna. It is embraced by the titanic jagged mountains called Razorrock Ridge, located on the east side of the Shattered Lands upon the continent named D’Lere. Clumps of trees and kopjes are scattered throughout the landscape. Many battles have been waged on these lands and orc and human ruins are common sights amidst the beautiful and deadly land.

Geschichte Bearbeiten

The Commonlands was once a haven for the Deathfist Empire orc legions. The Deathfist Empire seemingly was driven from the Commonlands during the Battle of Defiance. As of the recent decade, the orcs have begun to make a presence in the region again. What brings them back is unknown.

- from Cogglesworth's Tour of Norrath: Part 3

Geographie Bearbeiten

The Commonlands are open plains and gentle hills, with almost no barriers to travel. Each large plain is dominated by specific types of creatures. Roads and streams crisscross the Commonlands and are mostly safe from dangers, and may be used by players to travel between each major section of the zone.


Three griffon towers are available for fast travel between major sections of the Commonlands:

The Commonlands dock is a travel hub, giving quick access to three of the Freeport city zones, and all of Freeport's suburbs and adventure districts. It also gives direct access to Nektulos Forest docks, Thundering Steppes docks, and Freeport Guild Halls.

The Ulteran Spires located just west of the Crossroads allow travel to the Tenebrous Tangle in the Overrealm.

Karte Bearbeiten

Map of The Commonlands

Stadt Bearbeiten

Die Stadt Freihafenist im Osten der Gemeinlande.

Stadt-Name Ausrichtung Lage
West-Freihafen Böse östliches Ende der Straße von Kreuzung

Dungeons Bearbeiten

Dungeon-Name Stufe Zielgruppe Zonentyp Dauer
Heulende Höhlen 11-18 Gruppe offen 45 Minuten
Gefallenes Tor 18-26 Gruppe offen 1 Stunde
Valley of the Rogue Magi 15-20 Solo Instanz 30 Minuten
The Eternal Gorge 18-23 Gruppe Instanz 30 Minuten
Befallen: Höhle der Geplagten 50-80 (skaliert) Gruppe Instanz 90 Minuten
Befallen: Hallen der Verlassenen 50-80 (skaliert) Gruppe Instanz 90 Minuten
Befallen: Nekrotischen Zuflucht 50-80 (skaliert) Gruppe Instanz 90 Minuten

Adjacent Zones Bearbeiten

Zone Name Level Range Direction Access
Der Friedhof 5-10 Northeast city gate at The Siege Lands
Die Ruinen 10-15 Southeast city gate near The Lonely Tower
Dunkellichtwald 1-20 North follow road north from Shiv Lane
Wald von Nektulos 20-30 Northwest follow road northwest from Nektulos Forest Station

Revive Locations Bearbeiten

Revive Location Description
Freeport Gates Just uphill from the city gate, near Dog Pond
Crossroads the most central location
The Lonely Tower nearest spawn point to The Ruins
East Nomad Camp nearest spawn point to Wailing Caves
Druid Plain nearest spawn point to Fallen Gate

Quests Bearbeiten

Quests are found throughout this zone, often in unexpected places, such as an overturned boat or a logpile. The main quest line leads players from the Freeport gates through almost all major quest areas, giving players opportunities to discover most other quest lines in the zone.

The Crossroads is the largest quest hub in the Commonlands. Another good opportunity for quests lies nearby in the adjacent zone of Darklight Wood, where more than forty quests can be found at Wanderlust Fair at the same level range as the Commonlands.

Similar Zones Bearbeiten

Zone Name Level Range Region Notes
Darklight Wood 1-20 Shattered Lands Close by and a good complement for The Commonlands
Timorous Deep 1-20 Kunark Another outstanding zone for quests, with great rewards
Antonica 10-20 Shattered Lands Unsafe for evil characters

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