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Hackklotzberge Questreihe
Empfohlener Levelbereich von 20 bis 33
Eingeführt mit Echoes of Faydwer
Schwierigkeit Solo
Startzone Hackklotzberge
Vorhergehend: *Donnersteppen Questreihe
Nachfolgend: *Verzauberte Lande Questreihe

The following are quests that take place in or around Dampfquellen-Gebirge. The Solo Quests are aimed at characters of levels 20 to 35, with a Heroischen Quest series from 60 to 70.

(recommended levels in parentheses)

Solo QuestsBearbeiten

NOTE: The Dockmaster Waulon series can be skipped, starting directly with Brulten Hiltstill, if you are coming from Greater Faydark and wish to get started immediately. You can still pick up the Dockmaster Waulon quests later when Jonedorn Kilnkor sends you to the docks for Axing a Favor.

Docks seriesBearbeiten

  1. Dock Delinquency (20) - Starts with Dockmaster Waulon on the docks.
  2. Coin for the Captain (21)
  3. Nautical Disaster (22)
  4. Seeking Brulten Hiltstill (24)
  5. The Kobold and the Beautiful (20) - Starts or Continues with Brulten Hiltstill at the passage to Ober-Feendunkel
  6. Muckflick Message Intercepted (20)
  7. Seeking the Kilnkors(21) - Continues with Jonedorn Kilnkor in the office at East Fort Irontoe
  8. Axing a Favor (22)
  9. The Forest Strikes Back (24)
  10. Finding Gloln Kilnkor (22) - Continues with Gloln Klinkor in the South guard tower of East Fort Irontoe
  11. A Report of an Army (27)
  12. Pillage or be Pillaged (30 Heroic)
  13. All Quiet on the Western Front? (31 Heroic) - Concludes with Barrot Gulleyton in West Fort Irontoe at the barricades

Lastly, Gloln sends you to West Fort Irontoe to speak to Barrot Gulleyton, which begins the Heroic timeline.

Fort Irontoe seriesBearbeiten

  1. The Yarpsnarls (22) - starts with Argro Durthor on the trail near East Fort Irontoe ( -442, 149, -438 )
  2. The Many Uses of Carapace (23)
  3. Irontoe Brigade Requisition Lists (23)
  4. Delivery to Verung (24)
  5. It Was Argro's Job (25) - Continues with Verung Kae'Rush at West Fort Irontoe
  6. Feeding the Irontoe Brigade (25)
  7. A Missing Package (26)
  8. Reporting to Wyrwynne (27)
  9. From the Field (28) - Continues with Wyrwynne Shadhe at the Mortartoe Mines tunnel entrance by The Quarry
  10. Remnants of Butcherblock (30)
  11. The Yarpsnarls... Again (32)
  12. A Kobold Relic (33)

Fletching Supplies seriesBearbeiten

Ninoin D'syl - on a ledge up a ramp from the beach at ( 227,69,162 )

  1. Tier'Dal Timber (22)
  2. Fletch Me More (26)
  3. Straight and to the Point (27)

Garl seriesBearbeiten

Grot Leadarm / Garl Copperstroke / Trinny Sweetdough - starts in East Fort Irontoe

  1. Ill Communication (24) - sends you to Garl
  2. Silencing the Shriekers (24)
  3. Searching for Sweetdough (25) - sends you to Trinny
  4. Ape is Enough! (27)

Felderham's Folly seriesBearbeiten

Hamish Felderham - by the passage from Felderham's Folly to The Broken Fields

  1. Razing an Army (25)
  2. Finding Feagon for Felderham (26)
  3. The Apprentice (27)

Trozusk seriesBearbeiten

Trozusk Ripscar - by the rocks southwest of the Darkfall Gorge bridge.

  1. Trozusk's Challenge (31)
  2. A New Challenger (33)

Eneek seriesBearbeiten

Eneek Rialb - by the rocks southwest of the Darkfall Gorge bridge.

  1. Eneek is No Snack! (32)
  2. Eneek Needs a Snack! (33)

More Solo QuestsBearbeiten

Alternate Starting Quest SeriesBearbeiten

Neriak Camp seriesBearbeiten

New with LU37!

Hulis Glettlegear at the docks

  1. Silent Beckon(20) - sends you to Talvrae

Talvrae T'Zyth

  1. For the Dogs (20)
  2. A Mind Of My Own (20)

Geldrani A'Zhi'Tel

  1. A Dim Light (20)
  2. Digging in the Yard (20)
  3. A Strange Mix (20)

Sarnak Camp seriesBearbeiten

Introduced with the Rise of Kunark

Researcher Bredik

  1. Trail of Feathers (20)
  2. Where Spirocs Dare (21)
  3. Birds of a Feather (22)

Guard Tellik

  1. Necessary Precautions (20)

Researcher Eruwun

  1. Unusual Palate (21)

Guard Daarwyn

  1. Thieving Runts (21)

Making Friends with the Dwarves seriesBearbeiten

Introduced with the Rise of Kunark

  1. Sarnak Sympathizer: Part 1 (20) - beginning with Raghunatha on the Butcherblock Docks
  2. Dark Tides (25) - continuing with Griss Brumbaugh on the docks
  3. Picking up the Pieces (27) - continuing with Grimshaw Packwright at East Fort Irontoe
  4. Ain't No Monkey Business (28) - continuing with Grimshaw Packwright at East Fort Irontoe
  5. Simple Grunt Work {30) - beginning with Paix Hormezyar at West Fort Irontoe
  6. When You Mess With An Angry Dwarf (33) - continuing with Paix Hormezyar at West Fort Irontoe
  7. Solid Foundation (34) - beginning with Holdyn Mackendrick at West Fort Irontoe
  8. Sarnak Sympathizer: Part 2 (31) - returning to Raghunatha


Heroische QuestsBearbeiten

Starts with Captain T.B. Irontoe in West Fort Irontoe

  1. Planting and Plundering (60)
  2. A Couple Ringlets Missing (61)

Starts with Captain E.L. Irontoe in West Fort Irontoe

  1. A Tale of Two Towers (61)
  2. Dunfire Diamonds are a Dwarf's Best Friend (64)
  3. [next quest needed]

Other TimelinesBearbeiten

These timelines either start in Hackklotzberge, or have steps that take place there.

Deity TimelinesBearbeiten

See AlsoBearbeiten

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