a typical yellow collection shiny

Collection Quests involve the gathering of several different items (called collectables) of a similar type. These items are found by collecting shinies (most often gold "?" marks found scattered randomly on the ground in most zones similar to the image to the right). Completed collections must be brought to a Collector to receive the Reward. The collectible pieces may also be bought and sold freely on the broker.

Tome CollectionsBearbeiten

a typical tome page lying on the ground

Tome Collections are a special type of collection quest comprised of harvestable pages which are found either as a "!" mark on the ground in most zones (unlike shinies, these nodes appear as a fluttering page instead of a shining point of light), or by clicking on various objects in a zone (e.g. rocks, pillars, bones, etc). Also unlike collection quests, some pages are flagged as NO-TRADE and therefore must be gathered by the character wishing to complete the quest.

Note: For the few collections that have 1 page as a monster drop, these WILL drop off gray mobs.

Expert CollectionsBearbeiten

With the addition of Echoes of Faydwer (and continued with the expansion Rise of Kunark), Expert Collections have been added that are only accessible to characters that have completed an Expert Recognition collection, and gained one of the items that allow the character to see special blue "shinys", which spawn in a limited area. Known locations can be found on

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