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City Tasks (also known as Writs) are repeatable quests that can be completed for status points and faction. Each of the 5 starting cities (Qeynos, Freeport, Kelethin, Neriak, and Gorowyn) contains 5 controlling factions: One for each of the 4 player archetypes (Fighter, Priest, Mage, Scout) and one faction for the Crafters. The tasks vary by level and difficulty, as some are solo and others heroic in nature. Each quest gives status points as well as +150 faction with the guild issuing the writ (TS writs are +100 for untimed, and +150 for timed). Each of these factions has certain special status awards that can be bought from them once the player's faction standing is high enough. These status awards include clothing, house items, mounts, prefix titles, and more.


  • Citizens of Qeynos: May complete city tasks for both Qeynos and Kelethin, but WILL NOT receive faction rewards in Kelethin.
  • Citizens of Freeport: May NOT complete city tasks for both Freeport and Kelethin, and WILL NOT receive faction rewards in Kelethin.
  • Citizens of Kelethin: May complete city tasks for both Kelethin and Qeynos, and WILL receive faction rewards in both cities.



Fighter's Guild: Qeynos Guard in North Qeynos
Mage's Guild: Concordium in South Qeynos
Priest's Guild: Celestial Watch in North Qeynos
Scout's Guild: Tunarian Alliance in The Elddar Grove


Fighter's Guild: Freeport Militia in West Freeport
Mage's Guild: Academy of Arcane Science in North Freeport
Priest's Guild: Dismal Rage in North Freeport
Scout's Guild: Seafury Buccaneers in South Freeport


Fighter's Guild: Protectors of Growth in Kelethin
Mage's Guild: Order of Arcane in Kelethin
Priest's Guild: House of Falling Stars in Kelethin
Scout's Guild: Sylvan Hunters in Kelethin


Fighter's Guild: The Indigo Brotherhood in Neriak
Mage's Guild: The Spurned in Neriak
Priest's Guild: The Disciples of Innoruuk in Neriak
Scout's Guild: The Ebon Mask in Neriak


Fighter's Guild: Category: in Gorowyn
Mage's Guild: Category: in Gorowyn
Priest's Guild: Category: in Gorowyn
Scout's Guild: Category: in Gorowyn


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