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EverQuest II Instanzierte Zone Information
Eingeführt mit The Shadow Odyssey
Level-Bereich 50 - 80
Zugangs-Quest Keine
Hereinzonen von Immerfrost
Derzeitige Zone Keine
Benötigte Quest Keine
Schwierigkeit Gruppe
Persistenz 18 Stunden - 3 Tage
Quests NPCs Monster Named
Gegenstände   POIs Discos

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Kill the skulls and then the urns that become attackable. This will remove the ice blocking the way to the room at the top of the ramp.

Talk to the Shade of Miragul then kill the two nameds in the two underground crypts, Faenelae and Blood Sucker to unlock the chests near them; collect the arms and legs from these chests. Then give the body parts to Shade of Miragul to spawn the Atrocious Amalgam. Kill the named then come back to the start and kick a barrel at the Epic x4 shadow beast. Head past the ice flow and match the runes with the color poles and fight replicas of your party. Then swim under the ice flow into a hole, and kick Patriae Vykel to the curb.

There is currently a known bug with this zone. Sometimes the name Atrocious Amalgam will break and do an AOE life tap with up to 18k damage to everyone in the group. At other times the mob will not quite kill the group with the AOE, but still heal to 100%. Timing your stuns and stifles right when he is about to AOE may work to save your group. However, since he fires off the ability every few seconds and one badly timed stifle will result in a group wipe, it is not so easy. More info in this thread at the eq2 forums: It will supposedly be fixed with the next hotfix.

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