Norrath, Vor der Zerschmetterung
Norrath is a planet in the Ro-System. It is composed of a solid body with a molten core, liquid water, breathable atmosphere, and various climates. The planet also has at least two moons. The Tomes of Vhalen state that "if you step back and look at Norrath in adventuring levels, you will find three. There is the Surface world, the Underfoot and the newly discovered Overrealm. There is much in this world that has yet to be discovered." And indeed there is. The story of Norraths Entstehung is but a small portion of those things.

Map of Known Norrath Surface World Continents

Die Oberwelt Bearbeiten

Die Oberwelt von Norrath beinhaltet Kontinente, Inseln und Meere.

Die Kontinente der Oberwelt Bearbeiten

Der D'Lere Kontinent Bearbeiten

Der Faydwer kontinent Bearbeiten

Der Karan Kontinent Bearbeiten

Der Kunark Kontinent Bearbeiten

Andere bekannte Inseln der Oberwelt Bearbeiten

Die Meere der Oberwelt Bearbeiten

Das OberreichBearbeiten

All land masses in the Overrealm appear clustered together in specific groups. They are referred to as "islands" even though they do not sit within large bodies of water.

Die Inseln im Unfruchtbaren Himmel Bearbeiten

Inseln im KnochenschlammBearbeiten

Die Inseln des Düsteren GewirrsBearbeiten

Die UnterweltBearbeiten

No information presently exists about the Underfoot's existence except stories and legends from before the Shattering.

Objects in the Ro Solar SystemBearbeiten

In addition to Norrath, other objects occupy the Ro solar system including several planets. You can see some of these celestial objects as well as the moons of Norrath in the Tower of the Moon in the city of Maj'Dul.

Die Monde Norrath Bearbeiten

A third "hidden" moon, Morrell, is a rumor, but not a confirmed astral body.

Andere Planeten im Ro-System Bearbeiten

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