Fame is all fine and dandy, but what every adventurer dreams of is fortune! The sound a chest makes when it drops is almost as greatly anticipated as the Ding! sound when gaining an adventure level. Here is a list of the types of chests found in EverQuest II.

Kleine TruheBearbeiten

Chest small

Kleine Truhe

Common in frequency, these chests often contain Handwerksbücher or other low value treasure rated Ungewöhnlich at most. See also Kleine Truhe, a common monster in Die Stätte der Unruhe.

Note that on the Außenposten des Hochfürsten and the Kolonie der Königin this same graphic may be used for Verzierte Truhen (visual proof).

Also note that in some raid zones such as the Inner Temple of Stadt der Stille (where Godking Anuk resides), a small chest may drop containing 10+ rare Adept spells. It will have the same graphic as the small chest shown here, but it will be called "a small chest," not "Small Chest," and should not be confused with the chests that are actually mobs or traps in other zones.

Small chests are never trapped, and as such do not require a Scout to disarm them. However, disarming them will give the opportunity for advancing skill in Disarming.

Begehrte TruheBearbeiten

Chest treasure

Begehrte Truhe

Adept tomes are the most common items found in these chests, although some decent armor will sometimes appear. They contain at least one item tagged with the "Treasured" title, although they may contain rare crafting ingredients, depending on the tier.

Verzierte TruheBearbeiten

Chest ornate

Verzierte Truhe

Contains at least one "Legendary" item, and usually drops from named creatures. However, there is a chance that one will drop from epic "trash" and heroic "trash" mobs from many zones. (For example, the Echoes of Faydwer zone The Acadechism has a reputation for the most Ornate Chests from non-named mobs.)

Exquisite TruheBearbeiten

Chest exquisite

Exquisite Truhe

Considered the motherload of drops, these chests are rare and will contain generally two to six pieces of total treasure, including least one item of "Fabled" quality.

Falsche TruhenBearbeiten

Race mimic

eine falsche Truhe in der Stätte der Unruhe

Not all chests offer up treasure and riches. Some chests in EverQuest II appear when monsters are killed, but contain other monsters. The appearance of these chests is slightly different from regular treasure chests, although you may see the same name on them as the regular treasure chest (e.g., a small chest). These mimics can be safely ignored. As long as you don't try to open them (or disarm), they will disappear or remain otherwise inert.

Companion ChestsBearbeiten

Cube chest

...for the people who are still alive...

The cloak may be a lie, but the treasure chests aren't. On April 1st 2008, treasure chests were changed into what cannot be denied is a Norrath version of Portal's "Weighted Companion Cube."

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